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24x24" Oil & 24 carat gold leaf on birchwood

Black handcrafted frame


Showed at The Other Art Fair London presented by Saatchi Art.


Aurora - Latin for dawn / first light, which is what I wanted to capture in the painting. I wanted the mood to be when the first light of day hits the pond. I love painting Koi in a contemporary way & the oil paints blend & create movement changing light.




The lily pads were created by layers & layers of oil paints, changing many times, until I was happy with the effect I had created.


I used oil paints on a birch oval to represent the pond & it's natural state. The gold leafed birchwood gives the pond a fabulous contrasting background & creates light to the piece.


The gold is pure & will never fade or tarnish. It is to be dusted lightly with a very soft clean brush twice a year.


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