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Acrylic and oil on canvas - artwork ready to hang. 



I Saw You First is a painting inspired by nights camping in the Pantanal. The painting depicts the thrill and fear of arriving at night and knowing the possibility of what is out there and quietly watching you!


My passion for painting nature with elements of design is shown in this piece. The symmetry of the Birds of Paradise flowers, painted in oil and geometrically painted blades of grass, in acrylic frame the jaguar's face and stands out against the dark blue acrylic background.


The Butterflies painted in oil add an element of beauty, drawing the eye away from the jaguar and to the dark sky.


Using a combination of acrylic and oil, transporting you into the Pantanal.


The artwork was exhibited at The Other Art Fair, London, in March 2024 with Saatchi Art.

I Saw You First

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