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Fine Art Limited Edition on Platinum Etching 285gms

Signed and numbered - editions of 50


The original artwork was shown at The Other Art Fair in London, presented by Saatchi Art - March 2024.


The inspiration for the painting came from traveling to Brazil and camping in the Pantanal. Arriving in pitch black, the painting depicts the thrill and fear of knowing what is out there and quietly watching you.


The painting was painted in oil and acrylic. I like to use the combination of the two, for the different effects they give. The jaguar, background, and grass are painted with acrylic and the birds of paradise and butterflies project from the canvas painted in oil.



14x19" with a 1" border (1/50)       £120

21x29" with a 1.5 " border (1/50)  £200

28x36" with a 2" border (1/50)     £290

I Saw You First Limited Edition

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