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Little Ipanema -The Hyde Gallery

Oil, acrylic, 24ct Manetti Superior Gold Leaf on canvas - framed in a white-grained wood. 



Artwork available at The Hyde Gallery, London W4 4PU

For more info please contact


The artwork is currently on show in my solo show IN FlIGHT at The Hyde Gallery in London. 


Introducing Little Ipanema, a mixed-media painting that brings a burst of Brazilian vibes to any room. Featuring a beautifully oil painted bird native to Brazil & tropical flowers.


The background boasts layers of flat acrylic and spray-painted branches for a striking contrast with the botanical work. The leaves of the flowers are outlined with 24ct gold leaf.


Upon closer inspection, the bird reveals intricate details and the little eye that seems to follow you. Bringing a touch of nature and vibrancy to your home with Little Ipanema.

Little Ipanema -The Hyde Gallery

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