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Mato Grosso 1

Oil, acrylic, 24ct Manetti Superior Gold Leaf on birchwood - framed in a white-grained wood. 



The artwork will be on show at the Women's University Club in Mayfair, on July 5th 2024, for the celebration of the King of Ashanti's Silver Jubilee. A private function held by the King's nephew, with speeches about the King's collectibles which are held at Windsor, the V&A and The Wallace Collection. I will be giving a talk about the artistic process that is involved in the artwork. 


The artwork was shown at The Other Art Fair in London, March 2024 - presented by Saatchi Art and is on view at Knightsbridge Fine Art in Epping.


The latest tropical bird, in my series of oil-painted Brazilian birds on birchwood, which is mounted on 24ct gold. 


Mato Grosso is named after camping in the Pantanal, all of my birds are named after the places that I visited in Brazil.  It is the 7th in the series of gold-leafed birds.


The bird is painted in oil so that it projects from the fine grains of washed acrylic birchwood. The botanical work is painted in a contemporary style with 24ct gold leaf trimmed leaves. I like to use spray paint for the branches, as it gives a subtle metallic effect.


The colour pallet is carefully chosen, so that the bird blends with the foliage, creating a balance within the piece. 


A nature-inspired work, the birchwood panel is set on a 24ct gold-leafed wood panel creating not only a painting but a sculptured piece of art.



Mato Grosso 1

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