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Moonlit Water - Limited Edition


1" border surrounding the print, signed and numbered.

Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity & declartion. 


Limited Edition Fine Art Prints

16x16   (1/50)    £150

24x24  (1/50)    £210

28x28  (1/50)    £259


The original artwork is available at The Hyde Gallery. The artwork was shown in my solo show IN FLIGHT at The Hyde - Sept 2023


The oil painting captures the serene stillness of the evening water under the moonlight. The painting exudes a beautiful darkness that is both captivating and mysterious. My passion for painting nature is evident in the intricate details and the contemporary style that I bring to my work.

Living next to Epping Forest, I draw inspiration from the natural world, around me. I like to create unique oilpaintings, that bring beauty and tranquility to any space.


I used oil paints with layering techniques, pressing textured papers into the lilies to get delicate patterns on them. Building up the scales of the fish in layers of oils to lift the fish to the surface of the pond. 




Moonlit Water - Limited Edition

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