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Oil on Canvas 16x16" - Framed in a white grained wood


Artwork available at The Hyde Gallery, London W4 4PU

For more info please contact


The oil painting was created to add to my collection of works at The Hyde Gallery - as part of my Exteriority Collection.


The piece is about moonlight & stillness of the evening water. I wanted to create a painting that has a sense of darkness & beauty about it. My passion for painting nature shows through my work. Living next to Epping Forest gives me inspiration to paint & I like to put my own contemporary style to my paintings.


I used a culmination of techniques with the oil paints. Using light washes of oil, layering & texturing for the lilies. The darkness of the water contrasts with the white of the lilies & you can see the different brush techniques that I used in the artwork.


Moonlit Water

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