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Morning Watch

Acrylic, spray paint, and 24ct Manetti Superior Gold Leaf 



The artwork was shown at The Other Art Fair in London, March 2024 - presented by Saatchi Art


The second jaguar in my Brazil collection, this time the jaguar is sitting proud and on watch in the Pantanal.


Inspired by my time camping in Mato Grosso, I wanted to bring a tropical feel to the painting. I like to work with different mediums, particularly spray paint for the use of branches and trees as it gives a wonderful soft effect and glimmers on the canvas. I highlighted the trees with patterns of 24 ct gold and painted the leaves in flat acrylic to contrast.


The painting has a tropical feel, yet is very cool and calm in colour. I like to tell a story with my artwork about the experiences that I have had and the memories to be shared.



Morning Watch

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