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Nirvana 1

Oil on canvas 40x40" Framed in a white grained wood


Artwork available at The Hyde Gallery, London W4 4PU

For more info please contact


Showed at The Other Art Fair London Mar 2023 - Saatchi Art 

Nirvana 1 is part of a triptych that I painted for the feature wall on my stand at The Other Art Fair London 2023.

I wanted the piece to be of a heavenly setting, where the viewer is taken to a calm & tranquil state, to create not just a painting but a mood & scene to flow across 3 canvases.


Nirvana, a state of freedom from sorrow & happiness but also an ideal or idyllic place.

My largest painting to date. I like to work on a large scale, to give me freedom of space & composition, creating bold fish & lily pads contrasting with the subtle green of the water.

I poured washes of water mixable oil over 3 canvases, then moved the oil in a way to simulate the flow & movement of natural water. My passion for painting koi comes from living near beautiful lakes with carp ponds near by. Koi are a symbol of good luck & spiritual abundance. I painted three koi in each canvas, totalling nine which is also a significant lucky number.

The colour pallet that I use for my artwork is influenced by current colour trends in interiors & also inspired by nature.

I created 3 separate canvases with the option that the three would be kept together, or to be sold as separate pieces of art



Nirvana 1

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