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Artwork available at The Hyde Gallery, London W4 4PU

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Showed at The Other Art Fair London Mar 2023 - Saatchi Art

3x 100x100cm oil painted canvas.
Each canvas is framed in white grained wood. 


I painted the triptych to feature on my stand at The Other Art Fair London 2023.

Nirvana was created to be a large sized statement piece for a room, setting a scene of tranquillity and calmness that flowed across three canvases. I separated the painting into three canvases to give the option to parted around a room or to be hung together.


I called this piece Nirvana, as it is created from my own experience of being in a heavenly setting where I am alone or with my child near a lake that we frequent and the beauty and peacefulness fills me with inspiration, happiness and hope. 


Nirvana is my idyllic place and I hope I have put all of these feelings and emotions into my artwork.  


My largest painting to date. I like to work on a large scale, to give me freedom of space and composition, I wanted movement and freedom to come across in my surreal pond. I work very closely with interiors and the colours that I bring into my work are carefully chosen, not only inspired by current trends but also by nature itself. 


I wanted the painting to have a timeless beauty about it and to be painted with a mix of contemporary and fine art.  
Koi are a symbol of good luck and spiritual abundance. I painted three koi in each canvas, totalling nine which is also a significant lucky number.


I hope the painting brings, joy, luck, hope and happiness.

Nirvana Triptych

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