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Oil, acrylic, 24ct Manetti Superior Gold Leaf on birchwood - framed in a white-grained wood. 



Artwork available at The Hyde Gallery, London W4 4PU

For more info please contact


The artwork is currently on show in my solo show IN FlIGHT at The Hyde Gallery in London. 


Sao Paulo is named after Brazil's vibrant city center. We stopped here while traveling & I wanted to capture the Latin American vibes in this piece. Painted with pairing colourways of botanical work from The Flight of Salvador. 


The vibrant oil-painted bird bursts with colour against the pale green wash of acrylic and painted twisted vines on the birchwood. Gold leaf is used for the stems of tropical flowers. 


The birchwood panel is set on a 24ct gold-leafed wood panel. Creating not only a painting but a sculptured piece of art. 

Sao Paulo - The Hyde Gallery

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