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Oil, acrylic, 24ct Manetti Superior Gold Leaf on birchwood - framed in a white-grained wood. 



Artwork available at The Hyde Gallery, London W4 4PU

For more info please contact


The artwork is currently on show in my solo show IN FlIGHT at The Hyde Gallery in London. 


The Call of Coacoara is named after a stunning fishing village that we visited called Jerricoacoara, in northern Brazil. It is the fourth painting in the series of gold panels.


The bird in the painting jumps out of the birchwood, as the layers of feathers shine against the washes of acrylic on the birchwood panel. The botanical work matches the previous painting - The Bird of Bahia but a simpler version, with only one branch painted, that the bird perches on.  


Spray paint is used for the stem of the tropical flowers. Which gives contrast against the fine grain in the birchwood. The bird is painted in oil. 


The birchwood panel is set on a 24ct gold-leafed wood panel. Creating not only a painting but a sculptured piece of art. 

The Call of Coacoara - The Hyde Gallery

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