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24x24" Oil & 24 carat gold leaf on birchwood

Black handcrafted frame 


Showed at The Other Art Fair London Oct 2022 presented by Saatchi Art.


The artwork has been featured in curated collections with Saatchi Art, featured in Suboart Magazine and Women United Art Magazine.  


This little pond is hidden away in the heart of Epping Forest, it has such a peaceful & eerie tranquillity about it. ..I just had to paint it!


The Lost Pond’s other lesser-known local name which is the “Suicide Pool” derived from a local story about a lovestruck young couple who are rumoured to have ended their lives there following the discovery of their relationship by the girl’s father, this may be a rumour that has circulated for many years. There is a mystery about the place., with stunning green algae that floats the pond. The birchwood gives a grained texture beneath the oil paints, which shows through the brush strokes. I hope I have captured the essence of the pond in my artwork


24 carat gold leaf is used to cover the birchwood in the handcrafted frame. The pure gold will never discolour or tarnish, it is to be gently dusted with a very light brush twice a year.


The Lost Pond

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