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Painting. Oil on canvas 60x40" 

Framed in a black-grained wood frame


The artwork was shown at my solo show IN FLIGHT at the Hyde Gallery in London & featured in a curated collection by Rebecca Wilson, Chief Curator & VP Art Advisor at Saatchi Art. 


My inspiration for this piece comes from fishing with my son at a beautiful lake near where I live. Beside the lake sits a little carp pond, where the fish swim up to feed.  The lake has such beauty & peacefulness about it, that's why I called this my painting Utopia.

Using my background in design, I incorporated pattern and repeat into the artwork. Looking closely at the lily pads you will see elements of design in them. I use my own photography as a reference for my work.


Like my previous painting The Esoteric Pond I poured washes of watercolour oil, over the large linen canvas, for the water to give a natural flowing effect around the fish. I worked the oils on the fish to create a 3D effect with the scales, blending the oil paints to give depth.

I like to research current colour trends & put them into my artwork, keeping my work modern, edgy but also timelessly beautiful. 


The painting is framed in a black grained wood frame. 




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